Global Phone Format Validation

Improve phone number data accuracy in real-time, reduce fake entries and clean your database

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PhoneValidate offers an easy solution to global phone format validation and number intelligence.

Numbers can be processed in real-time via our API or in bulk using our fast batch cleaning option.

The batch validation process is perfect for cleaning and standardising the phone numbers in your customer database, improving call connectivity and providing intelligence to optimise call routing.

Form Validation

Easy integrate our API into your forms and improve data accuracy, standardise formatting and reduce fraudulent entries

Data Cleaning

Use PhoneValidate to clean your database, standardise phone number formats (E164, national & international), identify inaccurate numbers and improve call connection rates.

Route Optimisation

Quickly identify landlines and mobile numbers to allow cost efficient call routing.


Global Coverage

Phone Validate works with
over 200 countries

Number Intelligence

Identify fixed lines, mobiles and premium rate numbers, timezone, original carrier and location.


Lightning quick - process thousands of numbers in minutes.


We offer comprehensive support
via web chat and email.

Easy to Use

User friendly system


Phone Validate is fully secure
and operates over SSL.


We offer a variety of ways to access the benefits of the PhoneValidate service.

For clients that wish to integrate the service into webforms or in-house systems then the api offers an off the shelf solution.

If you have an existing database that needs tidying up then the batch processing tool can validate your phone numbers in minutes.

We can also cater for clients that require some hands on assistance via our concierge, fully managed service.

Web Portal

Our easy to use web portal allows you to process large databases in minutes. Upload your file (Excel/CSV) from your own computer anytime you wish.


Integrate our API into your application or website. Perfect for on-the-fly validation for webforms or data capture applications.


Let us take the load. Simply send us your database and we'll process your file within 24 hours.


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